Never Record an Audiobook…

with your cats around. I’m sitting on the floor in my house trying to record the first few pieces of the audiobook version of Her Dear & Loving Husband. I’m a teacher and I read out loud to the kids every day, so I figured I could handle reading my own book as an audiobook. I just got a new MacBook Pro, and I spent today figuring out how to work Garage Band. It was easy enough, and I got the 45 second intro done in just a few minutes.

Then I started the Prologue, which, as you can see on the blog, isn’t very long at all. Just then two of my three cats wandered into the room and started meowing. I fed them hoping to distract them for a little while, so I started again, and again they came meowing into the room. Then they left and I tried again. This time Chuck decided to chase his ball into the room and you can hear the rattle-rattle of him running around after it in the playback of the tape. So I tried again. Next Chuck tried to take a bite out of the book I was reading from, and I can show you the teeth marks to prove it. Chuck also likes to talk, so next he’s humming to himself when I started the fifth or sixth try, and again, you can hear him in the background. Then Ellie decided to jump onto the chair behind me and tap my shoulder while I’m trying to read.

Finally, just as I’m nearly finished, she starts meowing. I told my cats, “It’s a good thing you guys are cute!” You can see the culprits and decide for yourselves. The red-haired young man sitting on the chair above is Chuck. The sleeping Calico kitty to the left here is Ellie. Tillie, my black-haired cat, also pictured, had the courtesy to just sit on a nearby chair and watch and wonder what the hell I’m doing.

I feel like a madwoman sitting on the floor of my house cracking up laughing. Just some silliness I thought I’d share. Have a great night.

2 thoughts on “Never Record an Audiobook…

  1. Hi Tania:

    Cats are great for comic relief, aren’t they? Fortunately, mine are pretty cuddly most of the time. Chuck is here now keeping me company.

    I’ll look for you on Book Blogs. Thanks for the follow. I’m happy to return the favor.

  2. That is too funny…. and when you want a cuddle from them, they are no where to be found… hehe at least mine are like that:-)

    Found you on Book Blogs.. now following you.


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