Hembry Castle Has a New Look!

Thanks to our awesome cover designer, Robin Ludwig, we have a new cover for When It Rained at Hembry Castle. Here’s the lovely Daphne sitting in the window at Hembry (reading a letter from Edward, presumably). And it does look rainy outside.

I had always heard that covers should reflect the genre of the book, and while I never disagreed with that I also liked what I liked. I thought the previous cover for Hembry was great because the house looked so much like the house from Downton Abbey, and that show was a huge influence on Hembry. But it has been about two years since Hembry was released, so to shake things up a bit we went ahead with featuring a woman on the cover since that’s the thing to do when you write historical fiction. Luckily, my cover designer came across this lovely lady in Victorian dress who very well could be a stand-in for Daphne Meriwether. I love the new cover, and I hope you do too!