Hooray for Indie Authors

During my month on tour with Her Dear & Loving Husband, I realized I enjoyed the process of writing the guest blog posts, answering the interview questions, and getting everything organized and together. After the tour ended, I wanted to do for others what the hosts at Bewitching Book Tours did for me—provide a place where indie authors can showcase their work through guest posts and interviews. I’ve had some practice with interviews. It seems like just yesterday I interviewed John Jakes for The Copperfield Review, though it’s about ten years ago now. I’m still amazed by how that best-selling author took time out of his busy day (he was on a cruise at the time, if I remember correctly) to answer some questions from an editor from a new, unknown literary journal. That’s a class act if you ask me. If you’d like to read the interview, check here. 

As a writer myself, I’m fascinated by what others have to say about how they write, why they write, how they get past the hurdles. Writing, though exhilarating, can be long, sometimes hard, always solitary work. Now, as I’m well into the second draft of Her Loving Husband’s Curse, I look forward to getting back to it every day. I’m at the point where writing the next story in the James and Sarah saga has become fun. But even when the writing is good, it’s helpful to learn from others, and I have no qualms about borrowing a good tip when I find one. That’s what I hope readers get from the guest posts and interviews: useful writing tips and some inspiration too. From my first two guests, we’ve already had some handy-dandy ideas. From Michael J Lee we learn about the importance of research as a tool to guide your story, and from Ann-Marie King we see the importance of sticking to it and finding time to write, even if you have a day job (which I do).

As of right now, I’m signed on as a blog tour host for Bewitching Book Tours. Then, in January 2012, I’ll also be hosting for Nurture Virtual Book Tourz. I’m looking forward to reading the guest posts and interviews, and I can’t wait to see what we learn together.

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