An Interview With Author Dawne Dominique

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Meredith. It’s such a pleasure to be here.

What books did you love as a child? Why?

Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas. It was a very old book, and I have no idea where I got it from. She was so adventurous…and STRONG!  But more importantly, she didn’t care what other people thought…and I loved those pigtails!  I had about twenty hard cover Nancy Drews. Oh, to still have them today. *sigh*

Who are your favorite authors? How did they influence your writing?

My favorite authors are J.R. Tolkien and Anne Rice. Need I say more?  : )  My husband turned me on to fantasy when I was about 16. It was a genre I’d never read before. To say the least, I was instantly hooked.

In the early 1980’s, I purchased an Anne Rice book—it was on sale and the title intrigued me: The Feast of All Saints.  Anne’s writing style mesmerized me.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Why did you decide to write?

In grade school, I always wrote silly stories, but they were just for me,  a way to escape reality. In high school, I wrote poetry for basically the same reason. My grade 12 teacher found some of the pieces I’d written in my notebook and suggested I submit them to the yearbook committee. She was amazed at how my mind worked, how vivid and real my writing was. And here I thought I was just an odd duck. She pushed me to continue.

When do you find time to write?

*chuckles*  I work three days a week as a paralegal. My days off are spent creating cover art for several publishers and authors, but the night…the night is my time to write.

What are the joys of writing for you?

I’m not a conventional writer, nor have I been one to “follow the crowd”. My writing is an extension of who I am. I write for me and it makes me happy. To share a part of myself with people who enjoy what I write is pure bliss.  I can die tomorrow be totally content.

What are the obstacles of writing? How do you overcome them?

I think I speak for a great many authors, but it’s writer’s block. I’ve suffered through a few bad bouts, but I believe everything happens for a reason. When I get past the wall, I produce some of my best writing. If I can make it to the week before a full moon without driving myself completely insane, the moon usually crumples the barrier and my muse goes wild.

What is your favorite genre to read in? Write in? Why?

I read a lot of fantasy. I try not to read vampire/werewolf books, as I don’t want any outside influences affecting my writing, but I attempt to incorporate a little bit of fantasy in all my novels. Once this series is done, I have a LOT of catching up to do.

How would you describe your writing style? How did you develop it?

I can’t really answer that because my style is my own. I have been compared to Anne Rice, but I write as Dawné Dominique. There’s no purple prose with this gal.  Each character I write is different. They have to be.

What was the inspiration for your book?

I wanted to write a “unique” vampire series. Heaven knows the genre has been written and rewritten a hundred different ways. By blending religious undertones and fiction together, I’d hoped to create a series in which readers could relate and understand…and perhaps believe it was possible.

What were the challenges of writing your story? The joys?

Dark Diary was originally the originating novel to this series. It was my first submission to a publisher too, who  picked it up immediately. I was floored and tickled pink and blue. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. Just before my release date, things started happening. I immediately withdrew my submissions of Kindred and Crimson, but had to wait for my contract to expire before I could get Dark Diary back home. In the interim, I shelved the entire series for three years. I couldn’t even look at it without crying, so I began writing another paranormal novel—one that was supposed to be a stand-alone. Halfway through the writing process, I realized it had to begin The First series. The challenges were trying to rewrite four full-length novels to coincide with Eden’s Hell.  Even though the experience left me scarred and still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I learned so much from it. In that I’m very grateful for the experience and very glad it happened.

Do you do research for your writing? If so, how do you go about it (Internet, travel, etc.)?

I researched a lot for this series (and still do). I use the internet and libraries. Eden’s Hell is based on the premises of Adam and Lillith, who was his first wife. I was raised Catholic and had no idea Adam had a mate before Eve. The research was a fascinating process. When I write, I want to ensure my facts are concise.  Dark Diary was a little easier because it’s situated here in my own Canadian city. Being a paralegal, research is second nature to me.  I love it!

Tell us about your books.

How do I summarize five novels? Well, it’s about how and why vampires came to be. It centralizes around characters who are the First of their race, and the forever battle between good and evil.

What did you learn about yourself from writing this book?

That patience is a virtue. Not everyone is going to like what I write, and I’m okay with that. As an author, I’ve had to grow thick skin. In this business it’s a must.

What advice do you have for other writers?

Grow thicker skin…and never give up. Whatever obstacle is in your way, time and patience will alleviate it. Forge ahead and follow your dreams, your heart and your soul. It’ll never steer you wrong.

What do you wish someone had told you about writing that you learned the hard way?

That sometimes less is more.  Edits can hurt, but sometimes it must be done.  : (

What is your next project?

I’m really trying to find time to write Hellhound Bound. It’s about a paralegal who gets caught up in a murder trial she’s working on. Hanna travels to a small town to interview an important witness in the case, who in turn tries to kill her. A hellhound shows up to take his target to hell, which coincidentally is the witness. When Hanna sees the monster, she realizes that the nightmares she’d suffered as a child were real.

Rhune has the worst job ever. He lives at his outdated gas station about 30 miles from anywhere during the day, but at night he delivers souls to hell. He’s seen Hanna for years in her dreams…then she disappeared. Now he finds her all grown up and witnessing him devouring a human. Where the story goes from there, Hanna and Rhune will let me know.  ☺

What are you reading now?

I’m not reading anything as I’m in full edits with Crimson Cries. When I’m editing my novels, I can’t read.

Anything else you’d like your readers to know?

I find it so difficult to talk about myself. : )  For all you readers out there, if you’re looking for a unique vampire series, take The First journey.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you again for having me here today, Meredith.

About the Books: 

Eden’s Hell, I: The First

In the beginning…

God created man and called him Adam, a fine specimen replicated in his own image. He then created woman to ease Adam’s loneliness and named her Lillith. Unfortunately, God realized his mistake too late in giving woman free will, for she would rule her domain—not man.

When Lillith left Adam, God created another for his first-born son and gave her the name Eve and a kingdom called Eden, but by then it was too late, for he’d unleashed Hell into the world of man.

Publisher  Print  Kindle

Dark Diary, II: The First

Daniella Rolfe, a seven-century old First vampire is unwittingly drawn together with a City of Winnipeg detective, who happens to be investigating a string of some rather bizarre serial murders. It doesn’t take long for her to discover that this mere mortal man holds more power over her than any she’s ever known.

And Aiden…he’s only dreamed about women like Daniella.

Blood battles and broken vows are just the beginning of Daniella Rolfe’s woes.

Publisher  Print  Kindle

Kindred Blood, III: The First

There is nothing thicker—or stronger—than kindred blood.

Being married in Scotland sounds like the perfect romantic getaway, doesn’t it? For Daniella Rolfe and Aiden Blackmore, the nightmare they’d left behind was just the beginning.  When Aiden is kidnapped, Daniella will go to any lengths to ensure he’s brought safely back to her, no matter the amount of blood to be shed. Together with Spencer Dalton, a private investigator she hired to help find Aiden, they begin to unravel more than they bargained for.

Broken vows are the least of Daniella’s worries now.

Publisher  Print  Kindle

*These books are erotic romance novels with strong sexual content*

About the Author:

Dawné Dominique is a multi-published author of paranormal romance and fantasy. Weaving tales of intrigue that include riveting characters and spellbinding plots, she takes great pleasure in immersing an unsuspecting reader into the worlds she created, refusing to let them go until that last page is read.

She embraces life with one simple rule:

“Everything in life happens for a reason, be it good or bad, and

it’s because of this we learn to never take anything for granted.”

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