Her Loving Husband’s Curse Giveaway Winners

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but I finally have the winners for the giveaway. The first hint was the term Kalona Ayeliski, also known as the Raven Mocker, which is a Cherokee vampire legend. Then, with the hint of the walking (and the walking, and the walking…), that would bring those more astute about American history to the Trail of Tears, which is the right answer and the historical background for Book Two in the Loving Husband Trilogy. I saw some great answers, ranging from the American Revolution to the American Civil War. Thanks to everyone who sent in their responses. I enjoyed reading them!

Here are the winners:


Wanda F.

Janice J.

Sammy K.

John M.

Stephanie W.


Diane M.

Charlie H.

Martha B.

$10 Amazon.com Gift Certificate:

Su Chin Z.

I’ll be back on April 6th with the Hoppy Easter Giveaway hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer. See you then!

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