Love in Bloom Giveaway

Note: The winners will be announced on 5/25 after 8 p.m. Pacific Time. 

Welcome to the Love in Bloom Giveaway! This hop runs from May 18 to May 23. Thanks to I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and Portrait of a Book for hosting.

A quick addendum to the last giveaway. I realized (just a few days ago–I’m a little slow sometimes) that I accidentally sent out copies of Her Loving Husband’s Curse that were from an older and less perfectly edited than I would have liked edition. If you received a copy of HLHC for the last giveaway and found a few errors in it, please let me know and I’ll send you the spiffier version. My apologies. I was a little quick with my trigger finger that day.

For this giveaway I’ll be giving away five e-books (either Her Dear & Loving Husband or Her Loving Husband’s Curse–your choice). I also have three paperback copies of either HDLH or HLHC–your choice.  If you’re not familiar with the stories, check here. There’s also a $10 gift certificate to either or (your choice) for one lucky winner.

You must be a follower of this blog to enter. You can gain extra entries with the following:

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The extra entry options are available on the right sidebar of this page. Then fill out the form below and you’re entered. Don’t forget to let me know if you’d prefer Her Dear & Loving Husband or Her Loving Husband’s Curse.

4 thoughts on “Love in Bloom Giveaway

  1. I really enjoyed reading Her Dear & Loving Husband and am excited to read Her Dear & Loving Husband’s curse. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win 🙂

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