It’s Amazing What a Little Amazon Free Can Do…

It’s hard to see from the picture, but that’s the ocean over my shoulder in Carmel. That’s one thing I don’t miss about living in California–the bad hair days!

I just returned from a fun time in San Francisco and a relaxing time near the coast in Carmel, California. It was nice to get away for a few days, and except for a few e-mail checks on my phone, I managed to stay unplugged. I had never been to Carmel before and I have to say that was one of the prettiest beaches I’ve seen. There’s something about living in the desert that makes me need to see the ocean every now and again. That’s not to say the desert isn’t beautiful because it is in a different way, but there’s something calming about the ocean I love.

Now it’s back to Vegas and the real world, which isn’t so bad at all. Her Loving Husband’s Curse begins its virtual book tour today through Bewitching Book Tours, and throughout the rest of July and into the beginning of August you’ll be able to catch both books on various sites with promos, reviews, and interviews. Check here for the tour schedule, and I’ll be tweeting the various stops as they go live.

The view from the beach in Carmel.

It’s amazing what a little Amazon free can do. Since Her Dear & Loving Husband went free on Amazon on 6/20, more than 56,000 copies have been dowloaded. It was number one in both the free literary fiction category and the free historical fiction category for about a week, and since then it’s been fluctuating between the 1, 2, and 3 spots in both categories. As of right now, it’s number one in literary fiction and number three in historical fiction. People keep asking me how I feel knowing I’m not making any money from the downloads, but I’m happy to give away free copies if that will help get my books into the hands of people who otherwise might not have read them. Meanwhile, Her Loving Husband’s Curse has been hanging out at around #5 and #6 in its paid categories.

The pagoda in the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people visiting this site since the book has been free on Amazon, so welcome to any new friends stopping by. Many of you have been kind enough to drop me a line either through my Contact Me page or by posting in various places on the site. It means so much to me to learn there are others who have been as touched by James and Sarah’s story as I have been. I’ve also had a lot of inquiries into the whereabouts of Book Three. Believe me when I say I’m hard at work on it this summer! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I don’t write as fast as some other writers so it takes me a little more time to finish a book. Partially, it’s because I write historical fiction so I have a lot of research to do. Partially, it’s because I have to spend some time thinking through the plot before I start writing so I have some sense of what this darn story is I’m trying to tell. Partially, it’s because it takes time to revise the language until I’m happy with it. I compare it to a woodworker with a chunk of wood in one hand and a knife in the other and he whittles away and whittles away until there’s a carved statue in his hand. Michelangelo used to say the statue was already in the marble and he had to carve away at it until he revealed what was already there. That’s how I feel about writing, but it takes time to whittle away until it’s just right.

It’s a good thing summer isn’t close to being over since I still have a lot of work ahead of me. As I said, I’m working on Book Three, and I also have two more books (unrelated to the Loving Husband Trilogy) coming soon. Victory Garden will be out first, on Tuesday, July 24, and then Woman of Stones will be out in August. I’ll have more to say about those soon.

Once again, welcome to any new friends, and I hope you’ll join me on the virtual book tour for Her Loving Husband’s Curse. I’m looking forward to the ride.

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