The Audio Trilogy is Complete, and a Giveaway!

Update: Thank you so much to everyone who entered the audiobook giveaway. Here are the winners:

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  2. Melissa
  3. Susan
  4. Penny S.
  5. Tamar M.

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I hope everyone has been well these last few weeks of summer. Yesterday in the U.S. we celebrated Labor Day, which is the official mark of the end of summer, though you’d never know it from the 100+ degree weather we’re expecting in Las Vegas this week. As the seasons have been changing, I’ve been making some changes myself, good changes, I think–changes that will allow me more time to focus on what’s really important to me. I’ve left behind teaching full time to focus on my PhD studies, which are time consuming in themselves, but which will also allow me the freedom to focus on The Copperfield Review and Copperfield‘s first anthology, which is coming out in October. I’ve had a feeling for some time that Copperfield could go even farther than it already has, and now I have the time to make that happen. I’ll also have more time for my own writing, and I may actually finish my new novel and the prequel to the Loving Husband Trilogy, “Down Salem Way,” before the year is over.

Her Loving Husband's Return is now available on audiobook.

Her Loving Husband’s Return is now available on audiobook.

I’m pleased to announce that the third book in the Loving Husband Trilogy is finally available as an audiobook from Amazon, Audible Audiobooks, and iTunes. For those of you who have the first two audiobooks, you know it took a little time to complete the trilogy. The first two books have been available for over a year, but Laura Jennings, the narrator, was busy, and I was too busy to try to find someone else. I tried to do it myself, but that didn’t work out as well as I hoped. Then a few months ago Laura reached out and said she was available once again, and I was thrilled. Laura narrated the first two books, and I was so happy she would be able to do the third as well. I absolutely love the storyteller tone in her voice. I think I would listen to anything she read. Laura has the kind of voice that will pull you into any story any time any place. I’m very lucky that she was able to do all three books.

Thanks to I have 5 copies of Her Loving Husband’s Return to give away. Yes, it’s the third book in the trilogy, but I think the story stands pretty well on its own, and there’s enough back story to help you along the way. Just fill out the quick form below (name and e-mail address are all you need) and on Friday, September 18, 5 random winners will be chosen. Good luck!

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