Victory Garden

2 thoughts on “Victory Garden

  1. I’m so glad you liked the book, Dottiemaye. It was a real eye-opening experience for me when I researched the woman’s suffrage movement. I knew women fought for the right to vote, but I didn’t realize the extent they suffered in the process. I couldn’t agree more–voting is so important. We take it for granted now when in my own grandmother’s time women were fighting with their lives for that right.

  2. I just finished Victory Garden. I cried reading this. I never really knew what women went through for us to have the right to vote. I was so upset to see how they were abused and the police did nothing but watch this abuse. It makes me wonder why so many women don’t take advantage of the rights that were fought for us. All women need to get out and vote and honor the brave women that fought for our rights.

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