4 thoughts on “Woman of Stones

  1. Hi Peggy. Right now it looks like it’s going to be a little later in March. Unfortunately, I fell a bit behind when my mother spent most of the month of December in the hospital. She’s on the mend now, and I guarantee you I’m writing my fingers off! I’m going to post an update about the James and Sarah books on my blog in a few days. I’ll let everyone know what’s happening and when to start expecting a few teasers. Thank you for your message!

  2. Ok, February is ALMOST here. I can hardly wait! So is this scheduled for early Feb or late Feb? Can you tell I LOVED the first 2 books!! Also the first and only vampire books I have ever read. Write faster!

  3. Thank you, Sheila! In all honesty, I never read a vampire book until a student of mine handed me Twilight. The third book isn’t available for pre-order just yet. I’ll post details on this website when I know more. I’m holding onto the title for just a little while longer. I’ll be doing a cover reveal in February so everyone can see the new cover (and the title!). I’m so glad you liked the books.

  4. I “feasted” on the 2 loving husban books. Was never interested in vampire books before, but LOVE this trilogy. I’d like to know if I can pre order the 3rd book for my nook, and what title I’ll be looking for.

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